Music Humor

Here is a compilation of some funny stuff I've found. Some of the it came from the horn list, and some of it came from other mailing lists or dumb stuff Joel sent me. Even though most of that doesn't even come close to qualifying for space on this page. And if Shawn would send me anything at all worth mentioning, I would blindly put it it here, even if it was some dumb tuba joke. (Sorry there sweetie, but ya only said you wanted to be mentioned, not how....)

What Horn Players Do When They're Bored In Rehearsal

Common Musical Diseases

Horn-Trashing Stories

Outrageous Horn Things

Lyrics to Classical Music

WARNING: This page is most likely a big infringement on some copyrights. PPBBBBBBBBBBBT! Really, I'm just trying to make some people laugh, and I'm not making any money, so leave off, 'K?

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