Lyrics to Classical Music


We all know the Velveeta song was set to "Stars and Stripes Forever," but have you heard of any of these, urm, lesser known songs that go to some popular classical tunes?

Don Juan - big horn tune:

"Don Juan gets laid more than I do,
I don't dismay,
Because he's gay"

Tchaik 5 - 3rd mvt:

"Once she was a virgin,
Now she is a whore"

4th mvt:

"Who's got the key to the shit-house?"

Symphonie Fantastique - March to the Scaffold:

"Beef vindaloo,
Poppadoms, chapattis and yer mango chutney"

The words I learned for Don Juan:

Don Juan gets laid more than I do -
He's such a stud!
I'm such a dud!

The extended words to Tschaikowsky's 5th, 3rd mvt:
(LA, remember when Bruce came up behind us in rehearsal and sang this?!)

Once I was a virgin,
Now I am a whore.
Once I went for sixpence,
Now I go for more....

and the more polite version of the 4th mvt:

This is the Fifth of Tschaikowsky....

Someone also posted words to Til Eulenspiegel a couple of years ago:

This French horn player
This French horn player
This French horn player
Will be lucky if she doesn't f*** it up!

(sung to "Ride of the Valkyries")

I'm sick on a see-saw
Sick on a see-saw
Sick on a see-saw
Sick on a train

(attributed to Toscanini)

Mozart 41:
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a Mozart

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