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Why Some People Hate Marching Band and What Directors Can Do About It.

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Marching Band Horror Stories

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There are some very sick people who actually like marching band. (Sorry, Joel!) I am not one of them. I'm not really sure why they are inflicted with this illness, but my guess it has to do with the fact they have become good at it. Some people are good at robbing stores, but that doesn't necessarily make it right for them to go around and do it all the time, and it doesn't even come close to giving them the right to enjoy it. (Bang, bang, grab some diamonds, "Man, this is fun!")

This page is only in the fledgling stage. I have many ideas, but no time. Actually, I have some time, but I spend all of it practicing the horn. So if you have any great ideas, beside take this page off the net, feel free. I want them, badly. In a good way.

So, this is my Anti-Marching band page. Just say "NO!" to marching.

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