Yeah, I like Nyquil. Actually, I just take the store brand kind. Sometimes I see frogs with red eyes. Then I hear voices and stuff. But only if I don't go to sleep. Did you know mellophone players have a tendency to be evil? Why French horn players want to be jazz stars? Another thing--How come really bad french horn players make really good tuba players? This is a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Isn't that a cajun dish? Speaking of the French Quarter, I don't have any beads. EDBD I's. Let's go TP some houses. Maybe it'll rain. Why do they say it rains cats and dogs? Sometimes our dog barks and we put her in the laundry room. I have a friend with a dog named Spanky. Maybe Spanky can get me some beads. I can burp really loud, but if I burp around some people, they won't talk to me. Some people like it when I burp roast beef. I like Sourdough Jacks without the jack. Is that sourdough bread in your shopping basket? What would you drink with sourdough. I drink a lot of Dr. Pepper. Even though it's going to give me kidney stones. This has been a lesson in transposition.

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