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Okay. I gotta go to college. I gotta learn to be really good at french horn so I can be happy and pay for my mom to live in a rest home when she gets old so she doesn't have to live with me. If you're in college or have been and know about the performance stuff there, click here.
Bach to our regularly scheduled programming...

Okay....This space used to be taken up by some weird stuff I wrote around 2 in the morning. If you never got to see it, click here. It's worth wasting your time on. I get bored with this page rather easily so I'm trying to add some new things to it and I registered it to some search engines. I'm trying to add some new stuff every once in a while so people will keep coming back. If you have any ideas for new stuff, email me. In case you're wondering, the PLAYCOW page is already taken. However you got to this page, click here when you are done. It shouldn't take too long and it'll be fun. A friend of mine wants an electronic pet. His supervisor has one. I think that's weird.

I am, like, so into this interactive stuff. I LOVE getting feedback about my page! I love getting email. So go fill out my survey, and email me if you have any contributions to ANYTHING! A lot of people that visit this page are into music, and musicians usually have some great stories to tell. I love horn player's stories, because I am a horn player, and I'd also like to get stories from from players of other instruments and other generes of music. So don't think, "Oh, I won't send this in because it's a waste of her time," or "She really doesn't want to hear this," Because it's not and I do! So don't delay, respond today! (Okay, that was cheesy, but ya get the point.)

Check out all my Shagadelic links, baby!

About me! All about this Texan babe...

Comments! What people are saying about my web page.

Personal Testimony It's not about boycotting Disney...I'm not into that judgmental stuff. I've had many positive responses so come check it out....

The Horn-This is not porno. It is about a legitimate musical instrument. All you freaks get off my page. You ain't gonna find anything here.

A Little Music Humor What do you call 5 horn players under one roof? Go here to find that out and to see some other funny stuff.

Junk Mail Parachuting elephants, Growing up in the eighties, love bugs, and other cool stuff I got in the email.

More Funny Stuff Anything funny that doesn't fit in the above categories.

Web Rings I'm in the process of joining a bunch of really cool web rings. They rock. It's a neat way to surf the net. Come check out all the ones I'm on. I'm even on the Elmo one!

Cool Links! 'Nuff said.

The Alisha and Aubrey Page--My wacky friends Alisha and Aubrey send me some rather strange email that might put a smile on your face--and a question in your head about how much toothpaste Aubrey ate when she was a kid

My Room

The Anti-Marching Band Page--The first of it's kind! (That I know of)

School Stuff

Backgrounds Do you like my backgrounds? Do you want them? Badly? If so, check this out. I have some other cool ones, too.

PICTURES! Wanna see me nekkid? Go ahead, but you will be disappointed! Apart from that, I've got some great pics of me, and one with my horn .

I am insane. Wanna know why? Go to my Insanity page.

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"I had a chicken, no eggs would it lay"

--Haltom High Horn Section

Better Be Nice or the Cow Mafia Will Get You

This is the Cow Mafia. They are a lot meaner than the Horn Mafia, which is now very close to extinction, since the "Godfather" has graduated. Which is fine with me, since they were nothing but trouble. I foresee attempts at a revival, but no matter how many water bottles Jimbo brings, the non-elitist good forces will prevail. Click on the cows to see what they can do to you....

These are some cool things I like or think are funny. Check out my new Web Rings Page. It'll take you to many cool places and a couple of lame ones.

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