The Wonderful World of Me


Click here to see what I look like. If you can't see graphics (HA HA-YOU HAVE A CRAPPY BROWSER!!!) then this is what I look like.

  • Red hair, blue eyes, fair skin, 5'7". Since I colored my hair red, I've been told I look like Gillian Anderson.

I like all colors of nail polish, especially those in shades of green and purple, and the more glitter the better. I tend to dress rather conservatively, but I don't let that keep me from current trends.

I am mad about X-files. I love it. I even rent the videos from Blockbuster sometimes. I think 70's retro is cool. I like early 70's better than late. I'me not really into athletics, but I like to go out and have fun. I went to band camp this summer and had a great time at the dance until I got stalked. I think most supermodels are really gross. I saw some on MTV the other day and they all look like they belong in the ICU. They all smoke, which makes some kids think that smoking is really cool. I have a theory that they'll stop thinking that when Kate Moss gets yellow teeth and then dies of lung cancer.

I'm in band, and I hate marching. I plan on becoming a performance major at a major university or conservatory.

I have a family. We're not blended, just shattered occasionally. Typical dad in-and-out situation that I'm tolerating surprisingly well. It bugs me that I don't always know exactly what's going on, but I consider it my parent's situation anyway. I really care about my mom in all of this and if she reads this, I want her to know that I love her VERY MUCH and that everything will turn out according to God's will, which is always best in the end. I have a sister, too. And if she ever reads this, I want her to know that even though we may not always get along and she thinks I am the biggest band weenie on the face of this earth sometimes, I love her too.

I have a lot of freinds, on and off the net. Most of us share a common intrest, the horn. I think I'll be cool like Robin and dedicate a page to them, once I figure out who they are. By the way, Robin is a guy, last time he checked anyway.

I am a Christian. I put my testimony on my web page and it's pretty cool. I've gotton a lot of feedback on it. Even if you're not into that stuff, click here anyway. It's worth checking out.

I consider myself to be somewhat of a passionate person. What is the point of living life if you don't throw yourself into it full force? Take what God has given you and cease the day with it. Except, I don't really like "cease the day" It's too small. Live dangerously. Cease a week or two, even a lifetime. 'Cause if you don't, someone else will.

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