This is my messed up attempt at copying someone else's form. Have fun.


What's your name? (No Seymore Butts or Hugh G. Rection's here. There's a space for that later......)

How many years have you graced the earth with your presence?

What is your birth date? (Please remember I LIVE IN AMERICA! On this side of the pond it goes month-day-year)--

What is your gender (Last time you checked)

Female Male

What is you best/favorite fake name (as in the aforementioned Seymore Butts)

Are you:

Tall Small

Angelic Evil

Band Weenie Non-Band Weenie Loser

Computer Literate What's this box with all the colors and buttons?!

Normal Weird

And finally,

Sensible and Practical Downright Silly

Where were you born? (be as specific as you can)

Where do you live now?

And how far apart are the two above mentioned places?

What do you think of my page?

No, but seriously, what do you think?

  • Feel free to elaborate...

What would you add/remove to improve my page then?

Do you actually believe that this is actually going to make a difference?

Nicole is so gullible that she will do anything anyone says and she will follow my directions down to every misspelled word.

Of course not, I am just a freak who surfs the net and fills out forms

How in the heck did you get here?

Have you ever taken NyQuil?

yes no

Did you like it?

yes no

Do I make you horny?

yes no

Do you realize that is a quote from Austin Powers and I do not care what I make you?

yes no

This is a form that I sorta stole from some girl's page in England. She kept saying stuff about not taking things from here page. I changed it a good bit,but if she asks you, do you promise not to tell?

yes, I promise not to tell a soul! no, I am the world's biggest tattle.

Your e-mail address:

Your Web-Page (If Available):

Give me three good reasons why I should visit your webpage? (If applicable)

Thank you.

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