Top 15 Reasons to Hate Marching Band


15. It's nice to have most of your joints left when you're old.

14. "Hold it."

13. Big person, little color guard uniform.

12. It's nice to have a social life.

11. Grass fields that use manure for fertilizer in the rain.

10. Backwards Diagonal Passthroughs with the Trombone section.

9. Piccolos.

8. Large, flagpole-shaped bruises.

7. Two tone bodies never have been and never will be in style.

6. Marching Brass instruments are just crappy.

5. !@#$%^&* ! Don't Move!

4. "If you can walk on it, you can march."

3. Listening to 7 bad versions of Appalachian Spring in one night.

2. 180 beats a minute double time in 110 degree F heat.

1. It Blows. 'Nuff Said.

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