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What role does the audition play in my admission? Is it the major criterion, or does my high school and/or college record count also?

What role do exams such as ear training play in my admission?

Is a personal interview required? If so, who conducts the interview?

What is the Music Department enrollment?

What is the enrollment in my instrument? Is there a quota?

What general education courses are offered? Required? Any cross-registration with another school?

How many faculty members are there for my instrument? Will I have a wide enough variety of choice in case I want to make a teacher change?

How often do students have lessons? Am I guaranteed to have lessons with my major teacher? How often do assistants teach major lessons?

What are the facilities like? How many teaching studios? What equipment is in them? How many performing halls are there?

How many practice rooms are there? What is their availability? Students--is there ever a problem securing a practice room?

In General, how often do students perform each semester? How many fully produced concerts? Informal concerts? Operas? In-school performances (e.g., at a high school)? Recitals? Contemporary music concerts? Other opportunities?

Is there a program of master classes? Who has taught them recently?

Who are some of the well known alumni of the school?

What sort of job-placement service does the school provide?

What is the success rate for graduates?

Is there an alumni network of any sort?

What is competition like at the school?

What ensembles will I be required to participate in?

How are orchestral assignments made? Students--Do you think they are fair? Is there a policy of rotation within the orchestra?

Do you have a program for engaging guest conductors? Who have been the recent conductors?

Is there an opportunity to get certified in music education?

What other related courses are taught? Music engineering? Music criticism?

Is there any affiliation between the school and any other musical organization, such as the local symphony?

During the auditions, are teachers informed about who has applied for them?

Who evaluates the auditions? How are they run?

What chamber music opportunities are there? Any requirements for chamber music? Who coaches ensembles?

Do you hold any sessions on how to audition for orchestras after graduation?

What is the feeling at this school about regional auditions? Taped versus live auditions?

What is the feeling at this school about regional auditions? Taped versus live auditions?

Do you ever defer admissions decisions?

Is marching band required on a broad basis? For scholarship students?

In your opinion, what is the general atmosphere of the school?

In your opinion, what is the general attitude of the students?

In your opinion, what is the quality of the music program?